blog image 1Sometimes we wonder if anyone actually reads these intro blurbs. Like maybe we could start writing about our current obsession with Buffy and no one would even notice? We're in the middle of revisiting season four and suddenly realized that maybe Willow is the emotional center of the show. Maybe she holds all the power and Buffy is just a vampire/demon killing machine. Also, Spike is hilarious, right? Anyone want to come over tonight and watch a few episodes with us. We'll provide the snacks....

The Proper Ornaments
James and Max make catchy, lo-fi pop that you'll like. James is also in Veronica Falls.

Unfortunate name, good new single on Cloudberry Records for this noisy indie pop group from Spain.

The Young Sinclairs
Did you know the Byrds were reincarnated by a bunch of bearded dudes from Virginia? It's true...check out the tune "You Can Have Her" on their MySpace page. Or is it the Beau Brummels? Either way, nice one!

There's some cool stuff going on in Philly these days. The excellently murky neo-psych these guys offer up being Exhibit A.

No Joy
Come on! Perk up! Lazy, hazy dog day summer music with No Joy.

Good Housekeeping
Frolic in the garden with the light shoegaze pop sound of Good Housekeeping. They get the Seal of Approval!

Ambient, minimalist tape music from Portland, a la Eluvium or Delicate.

Static Jacks
Westfield, NJ melodic punk-rockers on tour opening up for the Futureheads.

Jai Paul
This twisted, twenty-one year old Londoner hasn’t released a proper full-length but he’s already making waves with his unique take on futuristic pop.

Gauntlet Hair
Small enough to only have 500-some MySpace friends but big enough to have made their Pitchfork debut, this Colorado duo trade in sweeping melodies and crunchy, in-the-red beats.