blog image 1Most of the HDJz staff is poolside at the moment, the rest of us are dreaming about being poolside. Wouldn't you like to be poolside too? Since you're inexplicably here reading about jams instead of living your life (and we're here writing about them instead of living ours), let's have some fun, okay? We just made a baby and it looks like Brad Pitt crossed with Christina Hendricks...yes, we are that beautiful!
Oakland, CA might be one of the last places you'd expect to find a band as delicate and
pastoral as this. WOOM conjure up images of breezy meadows and convoluted waterfalls, not whistle tips and Al Davis. Oh well, we'll love them no matter where they're from. Be enchanted by their first album Muu’s Way when it comes out on July 6th.

We're a little late to the party on DOM but better late then never, right? The trio plays the kind of thick, hooky rock with synths that never goes out of style no matter how many miles the template has on it's odometer. Check the track "Living in America" for a few minutes of good time, deceptively lunkheaded fun.

Bars Of Gold
Melodic, driving and danceable, Bars of Gold's post-everything sound has enough twists and turns to keep you on your toes.

Soft Metals
Need some frosty, art-damaged electro pop somewhere in between Glass Candy and Indian Jewelry? Meet Portland's Soft Metals.

My Education
This Austin collective has been around for awhile, but their moody Southwestern post-rock jammz are unquestionably hott.

Sea Lions
We traveled to the NYC Popfest last weekend and one of the bands that knocked us out was Oxnard, CA's Sea Lions. Their simple, jangly tunes have huge hooks and the monotone vocals, rather than being annoying, end up being strangely affecting. They have a single, some tapes and a lot of promise!