Sorry we missed hooking up with you last week. It's been a really crazy time for us with all the extra hours we've been spending trying to get on top of things at work. Plus we had to have the carpet shampooed and there was that emergency with our cousin from Philly. Can you believe he lost his dog again? Geez, get a chip or something. Anyway, we'd like to make it up to you with flowers and a movie but all we can do is give you some Jammz. I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive us and we can get past this minor blip in an otherwise lovely relationship....

Jowell & Randy
Reggaeton Neptunes? Sounds about right...sounds about awesome!

Captured Tracks does it again with this one-man project from Brooklyn, which mixes the label's lo-fi aesthetic with striking pop melodies, as on "Funeral Song."

This London duo proves that dream-pop and ambient electronics are still a fruitful, and gorgeous, combination, especially on "Burnt Sienna."

Mind Spiders
Dude from the very cool Marked Men has a new solo gig. It's less frantic, more powerfully pop. Check out "World's Destroyed" at one of our favorite blogs, The Finest Kiss.

The Smiles and Frowns
Sweet, sad pop-vocal harmonies mingle with ramblin’ guitars as The Smiles and Frowns make you do just that.

Ninja Academy
Thunderous drum/bass combo that's kinda like Lightning Bolt...only with ninjas.

Small Sur
Fans of Great Lake Swimmers and Damian Jurado will connect with the melancholy folk-rock of Small Sur.

Natural Child
Nashville dirt rockers Natural Child break it down to the bare bones with middle fingers in the air.

Darryl Moore
Hot-buttered neo-soul.

Los Rakas
Seriously wavy Latin rap by this Panamanian duo that sounds perfectly designed for a hot almost-summer day. Dig the serious dance moves in the video....