blog image 1We were sitting around earlier this week wondering if it was worth it. You know? Are we providing a useful service by digging up these bands or are we just clogging up an already overloaded music universe with more noise and nonsense? The votes were running about fifty-fifty when one of us stumbled across the video for Pony Pony Run Run's new single "Hey You" and suddenly we all realized at once that we can never give up on our mission! There is good-to-great music out there and we will continue to dedicate ourselves to letting you have it in weekly installments! So sit back and get ready for the hottest jammz in the land served up hot & ready by the HDJ crew. This week and every week...

Pure Ecstasy
This Austin, TX group brings an unexpected slow, soulful groove to their lo-fi pop -- just check the bass line on "Alexandria."

The Liminanas
Garage-pop this sleek and chic could only be French, and songs like "Je Ne Pas Tres Drogue" recall fellow Francophones Stereo Total and Stereolab.

How to Dress Well
There's dream-pop, and then there's dream-pop. How to Dress Well's beautiful but fleeting music sounds like those songs you hear in your dreams but can't quite remember the next morning.

O Children
On songs like "Ruins," O Children stir up post-punk drama that has its roots in bands like the Cult, Echo and the Bunnymen, Joy Division and Tindersticks.

Seven Saturdays
The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Jonathan D. Haskell, Seven Saturdays' dark atmospheres conjure up the dark and smoggy corners of the City of Angels.

Tame Impala
These Australian stoners make a seriously trippy mess with their trancey, hazy dance tunes.

Treasure Fingers
This Brooklyn producer/DJ's amazing disco-funk monster "Cross the Dancefloor" was the summer jam of 2008 we slept on until just now. Can we get a do-over? At least we have his new mix for summer 2010 to drool!

Space Ghost
Nah, not that Space Ghost! This Space Ghost!!

The Goodnight Loving
Fuzzy, warm good time rock & roll is harder to make than you might think. These guys lock it down and deliver it like a pizza on their debut record for Dirtnap, The Goodnight Loving Supper Club.

Pony Pony Run Run
You know that band Phoenix? They are okay, Pony Pony are better! See....