It's been a splendid week here at HDJ HQ, filled with sunny days and good times. Exactly the proper atmosphere for digging up some of the hottest, bestest new bands around. Sure,'ve heard it before. It's something of a broken record, us talking about how awesome the artists we've found are each week. We can't help it though. We are endlessly thrilled to have the opportunity to do this for you and it makes us kind of giddy. If just a glimmer of our enthusiasm transfers to you, the reader, we will have done our job. So without further delay...jamm on it!

Luna is Honey
We here at the HDJz are big fans of weirdness and bands who defy categorization like Luna is Honey. All we know is that their scruffy and warped indie rock makes us happy.

Buffalo Moon
These landlocked California dreamers make some seriously beached tunes, both West Coast and Brazilian.

The Liminanas
Lovely, super chic French duo with a new single out on Hozac, they play songs soaked in 50s style and 60s glamour.

Long Division
Spacious jams for those sprawling summer days.

Sisters Of Your Sunshine Vapor
The smoky, psychedelic soundtrack to the strangest road trip you'll never go on.

Dominique Young Unique
Just 18, Dominique Young Unique has already recorded with Yo Majesty, and her brash electro-pop-rap should make her a Santigold-size star any day now.

Magnetic Man
Featuring producers extraordinaire Artwork, Benga and Skream, Magnetic Man just might take dubstep mainstream, and the heavy but very catchy sounds of songs like "The Cyberman" show they deserve as much recognition as they can get.

The project of former Hot Chip drummer Rob Smoughton, Grosvenor also plays sleek synth-pop, but his songs might be even more ready for the floor. Check out the neon moves of "Drive Your Car",