Sometimes it's best to follow the advice of Joe Perry when he said "Let the Music Do the Talking". (Actually, that's probably the only time you'd want to follow Joe's advice.) This week is one of those times. The jammz we picked need no introduction, they need no additional hype or hoopla. No endless palaver or mindless blather.  So, we'll just get right down to the nitty gritty. Without further ado, we present to you the hardest working jammz in show business today!

Wiz Khalifa
Between trips to the tattoo parlor, Wiz has been quite prolific on the mixtape scene. His latest Kush & OJ has been getting tons of buzz in the couple weeks it's been out and one listen is enough to tell you why. Laid back tales of days filled with girls and weed backed by mellow jams that would make the Whispers proud is a blueprint that's always destined for success. Yacht hop, anyone?

This French producer conjures up a murky, funky blend of hip hop, new jack swing and 80's R&B that somehow manages to sound a bit like J Dilla producing Neon Indian. Is that hip enough for you? Oh, wait...I forgot to say "at Daft Punk's house".

Their fractured, playful electronic pop sparkles like a broken mirror and rearranges our brains.

The Hoof and the Heel
Will Montreal ever stop producing anthemic, folky collectives? Based on the Hoof and the Heel and excellent songs like "Fireworks," probably not.

Sleep In
This Australian one-man band ranges from winsome acoustic pop to experimental drone-funk excursions.

Uninhabitable Mansions
Featuring a line-up that boasts members of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Au Revoir Simone, the Brooklyn group deal out hard charging, very catchy indie rock with no frills but lots of excitement.

Knight School
Lo-Fi pop tunes, a la Kleenex Girl Wonder, straight from the 4-track bedroom of NYC.

Golden Triangle
Murky garage stomp from Brooklyn's answer to Thee Oh Sees.

Woah Hunx
Hiss on, check. Rippin’ power chords, check. Energy at level 10, check. All systems go! Woah Hunx!

Bratty, power pop that jangles along like your favorite novel based in Austin, TX. Or, something like that.

Yukon Blonde
The beards (and ponchos!) on these dudes from Vancouver might get you to supposing they were yet another set of yawn-inducing indie folk troubadors but instead they might shock you with their sweetly sung, hooky as can be melodic pop music with a shiny exterior and a soft rock heart.