Unless our calculations are wrong, this is the 50th edition of the Hot Damn Jammz. We tore ourselves away from the gala luncheon the bigwigs are throwing us (would you believe they sprung for Rip Taylor to perform?) just long enough to dig up a batch of Jammz so hotly hott that we had to include eleven instead of the usual ten. Yep, you heard right. This week we have gone one entry past our quota in order to salute you the reader, you have have stuck with us all along as we quest for Hot Damn perfection. We love you guys and we couldn't do it without you. Wait a sec...holding back the tears....oh, man....we gotta go....

Luis Nanook
Luis Nanook isn't a person, it's a duo (featuring Chihei Hatakeyama) that makes glowing folktronic miniatures perfect for cloud watching.

Trash Talk
Not only do they have the best band name of the week, Trash Talk live up to their name, delivering sweaty, pissed-off, old-school hardcore that'll make you want to throw down in the pit or take it outside.

Arch M
This fusion of shoegaze and post-rock is so striking, it makes you wonder why more bands don't mix those two sounds -- then again, since Arch M does it so well, other bands don't have to.

Baby Monster
Warped symphonic indie-pop from Portland, OR, currently on the road in the U.K. with Delphic. "She Comes Alive" shows off their mischievous style.

This L.A. producer -- whose Anticon debut is coming soon -- makes sweet but choppy tracks described as "Lucky Dragons remixed by Bibio." Need we say more?

Bummed about Supergrass breaking up? Even if you aren't, 1,2,3's classic-yet-cheeky pop should make you prick up your ears.

Black Tusk
Straight out of Savannah GA, Black Tusk serve up relentless metal (and some pretty cool artwork).

Featuring former members of the Detachment Kit, Bronze makes messed-up alt-pop along the lines of Enon (and DK, obviously). They're also offering their album for free on their Bandcamp page!

Super Extra Bonus Party
Irish hip-hop that sounds absolutely nothing like House of Pain.

Chapel Club
Finally, The Smiths reunite!!! Wait, you mean that’s not….Ah well, close enough.

Kids on a Crime Spree
From Bubblegum to Sky were a pretty good band, made a couple good records. Maybe you bought one. This is a new project from that band's Mario Ishii Hernandez that sounds more like From Jesus and Mary Chain to Sky.

Allo Darlin'
These UK kids started off as ultra-twee uke-rockers but have grown into something pretty beautiful. Their new single features Monster Bobby doing a nice Lee Hazlewood to Elizabeth Morris' Nancy Sinatra (or is is Calvin to Amelia) and is a gently bubbling tune that gets some country in their indie pop. Nice video too....