This week we've done the impossible and exceeded the profit margin on last week's batch of Jammz. Initial research determined that we had reached the upper limit of our R&D capabilities, but we implemented a three-point plan that revolved around taking one Jamm at a time and focusing our efforts on it with laser-like precision. We then involved each Jamm in a meaningful dialogue and finished with a detailed cost benefit analysis. These steps helped grow our clickability tenfold and moving forward we hope to reach out to new market segments, fully achieving complete demographic saturation by the 3rd quarter. Please enjoy the take-away portion of our presentation...
When we first heard that Donwill had recorded a concept album about High Fidelity, it seemed like a bad idea at best. Since then we realized that Donwill was 1/3 of the great rap group Tanya Morgan, and more importantly, listened to some tracks. It works way better than expected thanks to the production, Donwill's elastic flow and the surprising emotional punch the songs pack. Plus, it's called Don Cusack in High cool is that?

Soft Moon
This San Francisco band on Blank Dogs’ label sounds remarkably self-assured on their debut seven-inch, bringing lots of whispery post-post-punk menace to songs like "Breathe the Fire."

Sleep Party People
Copenhagen's one-man band Sleep Party People is just as fond of warped, somehow bittersweet pop melodies as he is of Donnie Darko-esque bunny masks.

Dave Nada
For the full story on how DJ/Producer Dave Nada invented the new sound of Moombahton, basically (and awesomely) Dutch and Tropical House jams slowed down to Reggaeton tempo, read this interview with Nada at the Fader.

Dirty Beaches
Very distant, lo-fi, dark and dirty rockabilly.

Three Legged Race
Subtle, slow-washing electronics from Kentucky.

Broken Water
Floating like a raft in a sea of reverb, the murky lo-fi of Olympia's Broken Water sounds kind of like Sonic Youth with Wall of Sound atmospherics.

Idol and The Whip
With notes of early Queens Of The Stone Age and a dash of Torche, Idol And The Whip make a musical stew that's both heavy and delicious.

Buffalo Thunder
Hot, chaotic, lo-fi garage storm from Seattle.

Hari and Aino
These Swedish indie poppers have been around for awhile; this is their new single. We thought you should hear it.