Another week, another batch of Jammz. Clockwork! We've found a batch of truly thrilling stuff this week for you. Insanely giddy jams about sea creatures, dubstep innovators, tuneful noise-poppers, superstar-to-be producers and super hooky French dudes sound good to you? Then read on, friends....
Candy Claws
Last year this Colorado noise pop group released a wonderfully hazy and ecstatic album called In The Dream Of The Sea Life, you should probably hunt down a copy right away. While you are looking, head to their Myspace and listen to their sugar sweet cover of Ace of Base's "Don't Turn Around".

Arch M
Londoner by way of San Francisco, Arch M offers up the indie psychedelic, experimental electronics and loops.

Nick deWitt
Bizarro instrumental ditties from Nick deWitt (formerly of Pretty Girls Make Graves) that range from post-rock to electronic cabaret.

Forest Swords
This one man band’s mix of dubstep rhythms and post-rock guitars is as riveting as it is unexpected.

The Bitters
The noise-pop trend shows no signs of slowing down, but if bands like the Bitters keep cranking out songs as catchy as "Travelin' Girl," then there's no reason for it to.

The glitchy pocket symphonies they make suggest what it might sound like if Max Richter composed for toy instruments.

This producer may be based in Leeds, England, but his heart and sound belong to France, especially on the irresistible single "Can't Shake This Feeling."

They are from Paris, they sound like Phoenix, they could end up being amazing or's too soon to tell. Judging by the one song they've released so far, the exuberant "I Think I Like U 2" (as in you as well, not the band U2) (thinking you like U2 is a one-way ticket out of the Jammz), we'll put our bet on amazing. Oh yeah, they used to be called Poney Poney and they made this funny video.

Here's a couple of Old Damn Jammerz with Hot New Albumz on the horizon.....

Light and airy Swedish electropop, courtesy of Leonard Drougge and August Hellsing.

Sweet sweet static.