blog image 1You might have thought that after a week off, we'd come back with the strongest batch of Jammz yet to grace the HDJz. You might have thought we'd scour the internetz for the best looking, best sounding, most wonderfullest groups, bands, and artists we could find. Spare no expense, leave no stone unturned, follow all leads, hunt down each and every possibility like our lives depended on it, right? Wrong! All we did was throw a bunch of junk in there just to fill space. Retreads, copycats, posers and incompetents, one and all. Enjoy!

When we dug up a bunch of Norwegian bands a few months ago, we totally forgot the best one! These fun-loving chaps are a little bit pop, a little bit electro and a whole bunch of wonderful!

The blogosphere has been showing a lot of love for Cults’ feel-good indie-pop, and it’s no secret why -- the dreamy, girl-group pop feel of songs like “Go Outside” is irresistible. Download the band’s album for free!

Nice Face
Fans of Blank Dogs' lo-fi synth-rock will grok what Nice Face's Ian McGee is doing right away, but songs like "I Want Your Damage" are catchy enough to win fans in their own right.

One of the most buzzed-about bands appearing at SXSW, Tanlines' electro-pop is as sleek and sweet as it is tribal and funky.

fm campers
Indie electronic pop grooves from Austin, TX.

Julianna Barwick
Moody, experimental atmospherics possibly channeling the ghosts of Grouper and Panda Bear.

Cop Shades
Armed with incredibly dense bass fuzz, Cop Shades evoke the sounds of fellow Canadians Death From Above 1979 and Shearing Pinx.

Chiddy Bang
Sampling MGMT and Belle And Sebastian, this Philly duo is helping to bridge the gap between the indie and hip-hop worlds.

Mama's Moustache
The producer behind Outkast's "Ms. Jackson" and Killer Mike's "A.D.D.I.A.S.," David “Mr. DJ” Sheats, is back with rapper Jeffery “Jeff B” Bowden dropping some light and breezy rap with real tite beats. Also, timely subject matter.