This week we hand the keys to the Jammz over to some of our dedicated users. Not that we needed a break, nothing like that at all. We're just as fired up and dedicated as ever to bring you the jammz! We just thought it would be nice to see what you guys would pick if given a chance. And the stuff that was chosen is very diverse, very interesting and very far below the radar. Nice work everyone!
Midnight Kids
Dream pop vocals anchored by ex-The Apes rhythm section, kidnap us for a tour of bumps in the night. "The Station" does this in French. - Matthew Mann

Nice Face
Nice Face shows one why this type of music can carry the purging quality of noise-punk and the hook-laden lurch of garage rock. Look for a new LP soon from Sacred Bones Records, and in the meantime let the above link deliver the goods with its oddly melodic ruckus. - Nick Schwab

Sean Riley & the Slowriders
If you like to travel without destination, this band may be the best soundtrack for your company. American country, rock and blues took a long way till western Europe, but it's never too late... - Rómulo Guedes

Parallel Dance Ensemble
Think Tom Tom Club in a hot tub time machine being electrocuted by synths. "Weight Watchers" should be HUGE! - Damien Napoli

The Blue Hit
Imagine a bouncy coffeehouse jam featuring Feist, Iris Dement and some guy with a cello, and you've got a bead on this jazzy folk-pop trio from Austin, Texas. - Frank Anderson

Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad
This up and coming improvisational Dub Reggae band has been touring non-stop in a veggie-oil fueled van spreading their raging reggae vibrations and positive lyrics across the globe! Their recent album "Live Up!" recently reached #2 on iTunes Reggae chart. - Meryl E. Willett

toyboat toyboat toyboat
If Raymond Scott, Martin Denny and Bootsy Collins decided to form a band at Ennio Morricone's house, it might sound something like toyboat toyboat toyboat. -Jonathon Boober