blog image 1We've been doing the HDJz for over a year now and it's been a constant source of amazement to us at the sheer number of good-to-great bands, singers and producers out there. Maybe they aren't all world-beaters, innovators or game-changers, but then again, maybe some of them will turn out to be just that. All we know is that it's a lot of fun digging these bands up and we hope you like it too.

Nedry's blend of dreamy electronics and slightly alien vocals sound like Bjork and Blonde Redhead had a particularly beautiful baby.

The Mad Trist
This Dutch group likes Queen of the Stone Age a bunch, but songs like "Pay the Piper" are sincerely flattering imitations.

Golden Ages
If you've worn out your copy of Fuck Buttons' Tarot Sport and need a fix of blissful but driving drones, these guys are just the ticket.

Moon Duo
The duo are Sanae Yamada and Erik Johnson (from Wooden Shjips) and they play long, drone-y jams that are inspired by groups like Silver Apples, Neu and Cluster. And their new album, Escape, is being released by...wait for it...Woodsist.

Bill Baird used to be in this pretty good band called Sound Team, since their split in 2006 he's been releasing dreamy, super melodic pop sounds under his name and under Sunset. The new record is called Gold Dissolves to Gray and you can stream it here.

French Kissing
This London combo has one foot in the garage and on foot in some really sticky bubblegum. Their tune "Oh Suzanne" is a footstomper of the highest quality.

Future Islands
Baltimore trio with an upcoming synthpop album on Thrill Jockey.

Sisters are a noisy two piece (guitar and drums) touring alongside like-minded indie groups Atlas Sound, Neon Indian, Dum Dum Girls, and Blank Dogs.

Yamon Yamon
A little bit post-rock, a little bit indie and a little bit Afro-beat, this Stockholm group turn those elements into soaring songs like "Alonso".

Way back when the AllMusic Blog was still wearing short pants, we raved about Manchester, England's post-punk meets pop outfit Lonelady. Now that her debut album Nerve Up is arriving soon on Warp, it's a cause for Hot Damn Jamm celebration.