blog image 1The globe has once again been spanned, the Jammz have been procured for your listening pleasure, and the seatbelt light has been turned off. Feel free to move about the cabin while enjoying the beverage of your choice. Word from the captain is that we'll be cruising along at about 35,000 miles as the music takes us higher. The only turbulence you may experience will be from those darn noise rockers we can't seem to get enough of around here. Enjoy your flight on HDJ Airlines and please fly us again next week

The Very Most
Not to be confused with The Very Best, the Besties or Mos Def, the Very Most play Super sweet and nice indie pop and hail from Idaho. Last year they put out four EPs, one for each season. This year they've collected all the songs, added a cover of a Lake song, and released a very good album called A Year with the Very Most.

Art Museums
What would a week without a band on Woodsist be like around here? We may never know.

Charlie & the Moonhearts
Grab your board and hit the space tube with for some gnarly garage punk.

When listening to this indie noise '60s influenced rock, the question becomes Shark?

Minimal ambient piano and electronics from Buenos Aires.

Curtis Plum
Recent signee to Strange Famous, Curtis Plum raps about befriending Vin Diesel and impersonates bike cops, all in a phony Katherine Hepburn accent. Seriously.

The Mint Chicks
With five albums out, and an affinity for rapid-fire sugary punk and Zappa compositions, The Mint Chicks should be a household name by now.

The N.E.C.
You may not believe in guilty pleasures, but it's worth believing in The N.E.C.'s shoegazey psych.

Fungi Girls
Lo-fi garage that's as awesome as it is earsplitting.

Girls in the Eighties
Music was better in the eighties, TV was better in the eighties, girls were better in the eighties. Right? Make sure you get a copy of the free album GITE is giving away.