blog image 1If I remember the summer of 2002 correctly it was hot, it was sunny and it was summery. Just the right conditions for summer jams! This playlist pretty much captures what was blaring out of the windows of my 1993 Dodge Camry as I cruised the main drag looking for action. Or ice cream. Preferably something candy bar based -- man, that stuff is delicious! Anyway, on to my summer jams of 2002...

Blackalicious - "Blazing Arrow"
Sean Paul - "Gimme the Light"
LCD Soundsystem - "Losing My Edge"
Pretty Girls Make Graves - "Speakers Push the Air"
Comet Gain - "The Kids at the Club"
Saturday Looks Good to Me - "Lift Me Up"
Bikeride - "Whispering Winds"
The Sights - "Everyone's a Poet"
Pas/Cal - "Bronze Beached Boys (Come On Let's Go)"