As much as we wish we could dig deep into every great new band we discover, there just isn't enough time in the day. But we still like to give them props where we can, which inspires the latest playlist. Here our editors share their favorite sounds by unsigned or otherwise lesser-known artists, and we hope they get your feet moving just as much as they have for us!

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Gregory Heaney
Feyd-Rautha - “Goatfight”
Blending spacious production with a fuzzy, almost lo-fi aesthetic, Feyd-Rautha made their debut earlier this year with Overthrown, and album of wandering electronic instrumentals that run the gamut from gothic chiptunes to rhapsodic post-rock.

Jason Lymangrover
New Mexico - “Alpha Male”
It might take some digging to find San Diego's New Mexico on Google, but the nostalgic combo of '80s new wave and modern garage punk displayed on last month's Malpais is well worth the hunt. Take notice, Wavves fans.

Tim Sendra
Extraperlo - “Ardiente Figura”
One of the best things about working for AllMusic is that Dave Serra works here too. Love that guy! He hipped me to this band Extraperlo. Dunno how he found them, probably just by accident, but they are real good. Kinda like a more relaxed Hot Chip, similarly funky and melodic, but with some proggy bass playing mixed in, the Barcelona-based band released their excellent second album Delirio Específico in late 2012. It’s produced by El Guincho, and if you like his stuff, you’ll definitely dig Extraperlo. The album is streaming on SoundCloud. - Tim Sendra

Heather Phares
Coves - “Last Desire”
One in a growing scene of British bands reinventing psych-rock in stylish ways (see also Dark Horses), Coves are equal parts sleek, sexy and trippy, especially on their latest single "Last Desire." The hip-swaying bass line and Rebekah Wood's too-cool-to-be-a-tough-girl vocals nod to the Kills, but the duo has a sophistication of its own that whets the appetite for more.

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