​From the wild eclecticism of My Brightest Diamond to the exuberant crossover thrash of Iron Reagan to a the one-woman black metal act Myrkur, this week's advance streams run the gamut.

But first, don't miss our exclusive streams from the past week:
Stephen Emmer - International Blue (A mature, austere record from the Dutch musician, produced by Tony Visconti)
Joshua Worden - Into Fog (Indie electronica)
Engineers - "Bless the Painter" (Dream pop from the UK trio)
John Garcia in studio (Exclusive performance of solo material from the former Kyuss frontman)

My Brightest Diamond - This Is My Hand
Shara Worden blends elements of opera, cabaret, chamber music and rock as My Brightest Diamond.

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Iron Reagan - Tyranny of Will
Frenzied, enthusiastic crossover thrash from members of Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour.

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Myrkur - Myrkur
The debut of the one-woman black metal band from Denmark.

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Steelism - 615 to Fame
An exciting instrumental country-inflected record from the international duo.

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