Known as much for their snarky sense of humor and working-class outlook as for their music, Peter & the Test Tube Babies were one of the early bands to emerge on the Brighton U.K. punk scene. It took the group a while to find their footing, but once they clicked, they became one of the most enduring bands in British punk, still recording and touring four decades after they made their debut. Peter & the Test Tube Babies were formed in 1978 by singer Peter Bywaters, guitarist Derek "Strangefish" Greening, bassist Chris "Trapper" Marchant, and drummer Nicholas "Ogs" Loizides. Within months of making their debut, the group appeared on a Brighton-themed punk rock compilation, Vaultage '78, with their tune "Elvis Is Dead." While the group kept up their live work, it wasn't until 1982 that they returned to ...
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