Best known as the backing band on G.G. Allin's Murder Junkies LP, ANTiSEEN was a longstanding "destructo" punk act that first saw the light of day in 1983. Based in North Carolina, ANTiSEEN embraced a strange combination of redneck rock, punk, pro-wrestling, and on-stage antics that garnered them a strong enough following to justify a coffee table book chronicling the band's adventures in 2006. The band had a long-running discography, beginning with 1988's Honour Among Thieves and running through 2002, with their live release Screamin' Bloody Live. Their most notorious moment occurred in 1991, when they gained instant attention by backing up the most notorious so-called punk act in the United States, G.G. Allin. Centered around Joe Young and Jeff Clayton, Antiseen and their rotating cast of musicians continued their "destructo" ways well ...
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