Bomb the Music Industry! is more of a ska/punk collective than an actual band. It's centered around chief songwriter Jeff Rosenstock, who formed the group in late 2004 in Nassau County, NY, after his former band, the Arrogant Sons of Bitches, went on hiatus. Most all of the band's recordings were done from a home computer, and Rosenstock was usually joined by a rotating cast of friends and contributors for both recording and touring purposes. Though the name was taken from a graffiti term that pretty much means "extensive tagging" (and not as a malicious plea for violence), the band still operated in a rather anti-music-industry manner. Rosenstock felt it a hassle to invest money he didn't have (and wouldn't see again) into pressing records and printing shirts, so he instead decided to just give away BTMI's music for free on their ...
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