The Boston ensemble Big D and the Kids Table have specialized in fast-paced ska-punk since their debut in the late '90s. With a fierce D.I.Y. attitude and spirited stage presence, they remained fixtures on the touring circuit, attracting a devoted underground following over the years since their first studio effort, 1999's Good Luck. As the band's lineup continually shifted through the years, frontman and founder David McWane remained at the core of the group, which debuted in 1995 while its early members were studying at Berklee College of Music. The Allston-based crew self-released their debut 1997 split with pop-punkers Drexel, Shot by Lammi (recorded for only $700), and the Live EP. Both were issued on their own Fork in Hand Records, run by McWane and bassist Steve Foote. By the time Big D signed with Asian Man Records, the ten-piece ...
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