Chicago's the Blue Meanies have continued their wacky style of hyper, obnoxious ska-punk that additionally fused with jazz and funk influences since forming in 1989. Debuting in 1991 with "Grandma Shampoo"/"Dickory Dock," this single would be the start of their lengthy discography and revolving lineup. Although their personnel was continually changing, the Meanies' sound would remain as they released the albums Pave the World (1992), Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (1995), Full Throttle (1997), and the live Sonic Documentation of Exhibition and Banter (1998). By the time they signed with MCA Records, the lineup of John Paul Camp III (saxophone/vocals), Sean Dolan (guitar), Jimmy Flame (trumpet/vocals), Chaz Linde (keyboard/vocal), Dave Lund (bass/vocals), Billy Spunke (vocals/megaphone), and Bob Trondson (drums) stuck together as a total of 22 ...
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