Though Emmy-nominated composer Kevin Kiner is best known for his suspenseful, rousing orchestral scores for several Star Wars animated spin-off series, his franchise contributions range from Star Trek (Enterprise, Deep Space Nine) to Tremors (TV's Tremors, Tremors 3: Back to Perfection), and James Bond (video games GoldenEye 007, 007 Legends). He first broke into television in the mid-'80s and had written for series like Superboy and Land of the Lost by the time he made his big-screen debut with the horror film Leprechaun in 1993. Kiner established his presence in the sci-fi genre by the late '90s, including music for TV's Stargate SG-1 and the game-inspired film Wing Commander. His Star Wars franchise debut arrived in 2008, as part of the original crew for the animated series The Clone Wars; he stayed with the show through its final ...
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Leprechaun 1992 Leprechaun
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