James Whitbourn

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Whitbourn is active as a composer, conductor, choral advisor, and producer, with many of his works for choir receiving high praise from critics.

Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Hodie, carol for chorus & organ 1999 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Son of God Mass, devotional concert piece for chorus, saxphone & organ 2001 Choral
Missa Carolae, for chorus Choral
Of one that is so fair and bright, for chorus 1992 Choral
He carried me away in the spirit, for chorus 2009 Choral
The Magi's Dream, for chorus & organ 2011 Choral
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (Collegium regale), for chorus & organ 2005 Choral
Winter's Wait, for chorus & organ 2010 Choral
The Mystery of Love, cantata for tenor, chorus & chamber ensemble 2001 Choral
A brief story of Peter Abelard, for chorus, saxophone & organ 2006 Choral
This is my commandment, for trumpet, chorus & organ 1997 Choral
Come to the wedding, for tenor soloist & chorus Choral
A Great and Mighty Wonder, for chorus (after Praetorius) 2002 Choral
Venite, for chorus Choral
Song of Hannah, for soloists, chorus & organ 1994 Choral
There is no speech or language, for chorus Choral
Veni et illumina, for chorus, brass ensemble & percussion 2015 Choral
Living Voices, for narrator, chorus & saxophone 2001 Choral
Glory to Thee, for chorus 1995 Choral
A brief Story of Peter Abelard, for saxophone & organ Chamber Music
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