Molasses Creek

Very Silly Travel Companion

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Fans of the Outer Banks' Molasses Creek know the band has two sides. First, it's a musical outfit, specializing in a nice blend of bluegrass/folk, great harmony, and solid material. Secondly, though, and just as important, is Molasses Creek's sense of humor expressed in asides, goofy jokes, and lively stage banter. And while the band has recorded several fine albums filled with likable and occasionally funny songs, the group's trademark assault on the listener's funny bone is missing. As one with reasonable intelligence might guess, an album called Very Silly Travel Companion works real hard to rectify past slights. For those who think a bit slower, titles like "Romance With Vegetables," "Clam Fritter Fruit Cups," and "Pirate Hotline" will probably offer a clue that Molasses Creek is up to the same sort of hijinks one might expect to find at one of the group's stage shows. Songs are supplemented by monologues and skits, making Very Silly Travel Companion similar in scope and juvenile intentions to Firesign Theatre. Fans will also enjoy an updated version of "Cedar Island Ferry" called "Cedar Island Ferry Dance Mix," complete with grunge vocals and a rap. Kids will love it too, but most parents -- fearing too much of a good thing -- will probably choose to lose this valuable disc during long car trips.