Jeff Greinke

Cities in Fog

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Cities in Fog is Jeff Greinke's first -- and perhaps best -- CD. He began conceiving the idea at a rest stop in Montana. The drone of an approaching semi caught -- and held -- his attention. The terrain altered the trajectory of the static sound so that it remained fresh to Greinke's ears. When he moved into his Seattle apartment, the sounds of faraway factories resonated late at night and blended with other sounds. He incorporated these concepts into his first soundscapes and created some mesmerizing minimalism. This foggy and murky soundscape is full of dense atmospheres and offbeat samples. Deep listeners will hear Greinke's fascination for "found sounds" and natural rhythms. This music is beatless but it has definite rhythms. This classic CD will appeal to fans of Alio Die, Mathias Grassow, Lustmord, and Stephen Philips. It is an essential and historic collector's item.