Jeff Greinke

Cities in Fog 2

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In 1995, Naut Hamon of Asphodel/Sombient Records asked Jeff Greinke to contribute music to their Drones trilogy. In order to do so, Greinke had to revisit the minimalist roots that he had abandoned years earlier. From that revisitation, Greinke composed and created Cities in Fog 2, the sequel to his first CD in 1985. This is a set of deep and dark minimalism. It crosses from ambient to sombient very quickly. The drones are mesmerizing; the atmospheres are gray and all-encompassing. Deep listeners will feel the soundscape surrounding them. They will struggle against the pull only to surrender and enter Greinke's soundworlds -- a win-win situation. This is a classic in the microcosmic, dark electronic minimalist community. It is the disc to which others aspire. The closest thus far are Lustmord, Isomorph, True Color of Blood, and Never Known. This disc is essential.