Backstreet Stories

Backstreet Boys

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Backstreet Stories Review

by JT Griffith

Though this DVD is titled Backstreet Stories, it should be called Unauthorized Biography, as it is made by the same shady company that made the 'N Sync DVD of that title. Backstreet Stories is at the same time significantly better than the 'N Sync DVD, while also being one of the worst kinds of musical product. Unlike the unauthorized bio of the other huge teen band, Backstreet Stories does include a lot of footage of the band. However, that is like saying the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee porn video was made with their permission. The core of Backstreet Stories is a homemade video of the band's first trip to N.Y.C. Clearly it was shot on a handheld camera by a member of the entourage. You get to see Lou Pearlman pop into the frame for a few (haunting) seconds. The rest is the Backstreet Boys clowning around, joking with each other, and looking very young. A.J. and Nick, for example, look so young that the exploitation of children (no matter how famous they would become) makes Backstreet Stories seem like kiddie porn. At an elongated 50 minutes, and in the grand fashion of Spinal Tap, the best comment one can make about this DVD is that it is longer than that of 'N Sync. This DVD is a bootleg in a sense. It skirts the literal "bootleg" laws by not replicating any of the band's music. This should be repeated: There is no Backstreet Boys music! The company that made this travesty, "Music Video Distributors," believes that biographical information includes the band members' favorite drinks and their astrological signs. Unfortunately, so too does the teen press, so they slip off that hook. However, any fans of the band will stop watching this (possibly before it's over) and ask their parents why they feel so dirty and why they had to get ripped off so early in life. Avoid. Parents of Backstreet Boys fans would be better buying an official live video or DVD. (And there are many!) Avoid this like the plague.