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Throat Singing

Tuvan throat singing is a distinctively wordless vocal style; as the name suggests, the singing is throaty and guttural, producing buzzing, whistling sounds. There are many stylistic variants, among them hoomei, kargyraa, borbangnadyr, and sygyt. Several notes are produced by one singer, one note being dominant and the others being harmonics. Sygyt is a high-pitched style in which two notes are produced using the syllable "er". Hoomei stylists can produce three or four notes using the syllable "oo". Kargyraa produces usually two, but sometimes up to three or four notes using the syllable "uh". It is a very low-pitched style. Chylandyk style is not used as often as the others; it mixes elements of sygyt with kargyraa. Ezenggileer is a style that uses a rhythmic pulse to aurally simulate riding on horseback.

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