Roswell Rudd was the most distinctive trombonist to emerge from the avant-garde/free jazz world era of the 1960s. He was one of the only musicians from the period to bypass the overwhelming influence of bebop almost completely. He went straight from being a tailgate trombonist in a Dixieland band to co-founding the ultra avant-garde New York Art Quartet, with few stops in between. Rudd exploited the trombone's natural proclivities to the fullest, and he didn't try to mimic the language of bebop, which was spoken most naturally by players of keyed instruments. Instead, he jumped wholeheartedly into free jazz -- a type of music more concerned with exploring sound for its own sake. A sound he and his instrument were exceedingly well-equipped for. Rudd's first instrument was the French horn, which he studied from the age of 11. His father ...
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