Michael Jackson

You Rock My World

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If anybody other than Michael Jackson had released "You Rock My World" with the tons of publicity and promotion it was accorded, it would have slam dunked the charts and been a multiple award winner. It sold well and got play everywhere, but too many critics panned the song and the album it came from as not being good enough for an artist on Jackson's level. "You Rock My World" is a fresh, bouncy, infectious tune that illustrates the King of Pop still had what thousands of wannabes wish they could get. It was composed by enough writers to qualify as a posse -- Jackson, LeShawn Daniels, Nora Payne, and Fred and Rodney Jenkins -- and underwent numerous remixes with the most popular one featuring rappers Jay Z and Trackmasters. Give Michael credit for not letting his career stale like so many others have. He's a true entertainer and an adventurous recording artist.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
You Rock My World 2001 Epic 5:07
Invincible 2001 Epic 5:38
Grammy Nominees 2002 2002
Various Artists
UTV / Universal Distribution 5:07
Number Ones 2003 Epic 4:26
Number Ones [DVD] 2003 Epic 10:26
The Ultimate Collection [Sony/Epic] 2004 Legacy / Epic 5:09
King of Pop 2008 Epic 5:07