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Expressively stating that too much time is wasted throughout our lives trying to strive for material gain while evidently falling prey to the redundancy of routine, "Time," which was written by all four members, carries the greatest conceptual impact out of all the songs on Dark Side of the Moon. The conglomeration of clocks that strike and chime at the beginning of the song were recorded one by one by Alan Parsons from a clock shop, and then were combined to create the overlapping effect. Just after the chiming of the clocks, the dominant pounding of Nick Mason's roto-toms erupts crisply and heavily, leading into Gilmour's opening stanza. Throughout the song, Mason's drumming is faster and at the forefront of the rest of the instruments. This gives "Time" its unique and unorthodox pace while at the same time isolates Mason and his prowess as a drummer. The mood of "Time" is broody and dark, and the lyrics express the dismalness and anxiety that begins to surface when such a theme is dealt with. This solidified lyrical element is what makes "Time" such an influential song. The lyrics are unmitigated and obvious without metaphor or any drifting imagery. The accompanying instruments maintain the song's concept with their rhythm and tone, and the ideas of the band (especially Waters) are understood effortlessly. Gilmour sings one stanza vigorously and the next one softly, capturing the song's two separate moods of angered frustration and relentless despair. Placed wisely between "Breathe in the Air" and "Breathe Reprise," "Time" is Dark Side of the Moon's emblematic anthem that best represents the album's overlying theories.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
No Image 1972 EMD Int'l 0:00
The Dark Side of the Moon 1973 Capitol 6:53
No Image 1991 Capitol 0:00
Shine On 1992 Columbia 7:04
Pulse [Video] 1995 EMI Music Distribution
Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd 2001 Capitol / EMI Records 6:48
Capitol Records 1942-2002 [Deluxe Box Set] 2002
Various Artists
Capitol 6:48
Oh by the Way 2007 Capitol 6:49
Discovery 2011 Capitol / EMI / EMI Music Distribution 6:53
No Image 2011 Parlophone
A Foot in the Door: The Best of Pink Floyd 2011 Capitol 6:20
Dark Side of the Moon: Trance Remix