B.B. King

The Thrill Is Gone

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Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Ain't Nobody Home!: The Very Best of B.B. King 1991 MCA 5:28
No Image 1991
Various Artists
Warner Reprise Video
No Image 1992 MCA
Blues Brother Soul Sister, Vol. 2 1994
Various Artists
Dino Entertainment 4:58
The Very Best of B.B. King [1994 MCA] 1994 MCA 5:25
No Image 1995
Various Artists
World of Blues [ZYX] 1996
Various Artists
ZYX Music
70's Rock [Madacy 1997] 1997
Various Artists
Madacy Distribution / Madacy 0:00
Twin Best 1998 Universal / MCA
Rockin' the Blues 1999
Various Artists
St. Clair / Center Stage Productions 0:00
Living the Blues: Blues Legends 1999
Various Artists
Time / Life Music
No Image 1999 Digimode Entertainment
No Image 1999
Various Artists
Image Entertainment
Universal Masters Collection 2000 Universal 5:27
No Image 2000
Various Artists
Delta Distribution
The History of Rock 2001
Various Artists
Dressed To Kill 5:02
Got the Blues [Catfish] 2001 Catfish 0:00
No Image 2003
Various Artists
Platinum Disc
Blues You Can Use 2003 Midni / Wesgram
Les Legendes du Blues 2003 Universal Distribution
No Image 2003 Universal Distribution
Martin Scorsese Presents the Blues: Sampler 2003
Various Artists
Guitar Heroes [Goldies Box Set] 2004
Various Artists
Great 2004 Castle Pulse 5:01
Modern Jazz from Bebop to Fusion: Gold Collection 2004
Various Artists
Retro Music 5:00
Essential Collection 2004 Universal Distribution
Guitar Legends: Rock This Town 2005
Various Artists
Double Pleasure 5:00
Best of the Blues: 50 Favorites 2005
Various Artists
Madacy Distribution / Madacy 5:00
Legends: B.B. King 2005 Direct Source Special 5:02
Move to the Groove 2005 Baricum
No Image 2005 Geffen
The Giant of Blues 2006 Creative Sounds 4:59
Bits and Pieces About B.B. King 2006 DeLta Musi 3:56
King of Blues [Golden Stars] 2006 Golden Stars
No Image 2006 Synergie 4:59
Everyday I Have the Blues [2007] 2007 Phantom Import Distribution / Double Pleasure
Guitar Legends [2007] 2007
Various Artists
Phantom Import Distribution / Double Pleasure 2:58
Music from Scorseses Movies 2007
Various Artists
Golden Stars 4:59
Blues Classics [St. Clair] 2007
Various Artists
St. Clair 5:00
Blues Classics, Disc 1 2007
Various Artists
St. Clair 5:00
Grammy Awards: 50th Anniversary Collection 2008
Various Artists
Shout! Factory
Songs from the Invisible Republic 2008
Various Artists
When Blues Met Rock: The Electric Sound From the '50s to the '80s 2008
Various Artists
Hear Music 5:26
Playlist Your Way 2008 Geffen 5:26
Best of Blues [Greatest Collection] 2008
Various Artists
Greatest Collection 4:51
Icons: B. B. King 2009 Universal Distribution 5:24
Blues Power [Zyx 2] 2009
Various Artists
Zyx 4:50
No Image 2011 Dreamworks / Universal
Smooth Soul [Time Life] 2012
Various Artists
Time / Life Music 5:26
King of the Blues [Cleopatra] 2012 Cleopatra
The Thrill of the Blues 2012 Blues Boulevard 5:02
In Performance 2015 Blueline
No Image
Various Artists
Phantom Records (England)
No Image Collection
Best 1200 Universal Distribution
No Image
Various Artists
Grammercy Records
Best of the Blues: B.B. King - The King of the Blues Éditions Atlas
No Image
Various Artists
Sound and Vision
Blues [ZYX 2CD]
Various Artists
ZYX / ZYX Music 5:01
Blues [ZYX 3CD]
Various Artists
ZYX 2:58
Classic Blues From the South
Various Artists
Music & Melody 4:51
Got the Blues
Various Artists
Universal 3:03
No Image
Various Artists
Universal Distribution
Soul Legends [Sonoma]
Various Artists
Sonoma 4:58
The Blues Story: Elmore James, Jimmy Reed, Otis Rush, Muddy Waters
Various Artists
JDC Records / M Music 4:51
Ultimate Blues Collection
Various Artists
Phantom Import Distribution
Vol. 2-Play Me the Blues
Various Artists