Standing in the Hallway

Composed by Susanna Hoffs / David Kahne / Debbi Peterson / Vicki Peterson

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A great example of the Bangles' love of '60s bubblegum song stylings, "Standing in the Hallway" is built on a somewhat funky guitar riff from Vicki Peterson and Michael Steele's driving bass guitar lines. One of only two songs on the Different Light album that feature drummer Debbie Peterson as lead vocalist, the delivery of the somewhat wanton yet charming lyrics showcase the fact that she very well may have been the finest singer in the band. The recording is a bit over-produced, and tends to mask the band's overall charm and appeal, yet the majestic power in the ensemble harmony vocal arrangement remains a shining example of the inherent appeal of the band.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
A Different Light 1986 Columbia 2:56
All Over the Place/Different Light/Everything 1997 Sony Music Distribution 2:55
Different Light/Everything 2002 Sony Music Distribution 2:56