Montgomery Gentry

Song Review by Rick Cohoon

The follow-up to their hit single, “My Town,” Montgomery Gentry shifts upward with “Speed,” a song about leaving a past love in the dust. Ironically, the song’s tempo is slower and more deliberate than the recklessness the title suggests. Eddie Montgomery’s throaty vocals tell the story, while Troy Gentry harmonizes the chorus. The song’s meter is not easy to convey, but the duo presents it quite nicely. This one isn’t as solid as “My Town,” but a worthy single nonetheless.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
My Town 2002 Columbia 4:01
Speed/She Couldn't Change Me 2003 Columbia 4:01
Totally Country, Vol. 3 2003
Various Artists
Curb / Warner Bros. 4:01
Best of Country Music Ballads 2005
Various Artists
Dance Street / ZYX 4:05
Highway Fever: All Time Greatest Country Road Songs 2006
Various Artists
American Beat Records 4:03
My Town/You Do Your Thing 2008 Legacy / Sony BMG / Columbia 4:01
Triple Feature 2009 Sony BMG / Sony Music Entertainment / Sony Music Distribution 4:01
Today's Best Country Hits
Various Artists
Country Roads / ZYX / ZYX Music 4:05