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Many old school new wave fans view "Rapture" as the point at which Blondie officially lost the plot, but listened to in the context of the band's entire career, this early foray into hip-hop makes perfect sense. Debbie Harry and Chris Stein had always had their eye on the downtown music scene, and the birth of the emergent hip-hop nation must have seemed to them much like the early days of punk. Not to mention the fact that the song is actually pretty wonderful. The first half (the part nobody remembers) features some of Harry's most alluring singing and a killer melody riding above the disco-funk guitar and bass riffs. The second half (the part everyone remembers) was, for 1981, pretty darn impressive. Harry raps with greater authority and flow than many "authentic" MCs of the era, name-dropping Fab Five Freddy and Grandmaster Flash ages before anyone outside of New York City had ever heard of either and giving her rap more of an actual beginning, middle and end than was common at the time. Add in the heavy metal guitar solo at the end and they've predicted the rise of rap-rock lamers like Limp Bizkit nearly two decades before the fact. "Rapture" was a generation of suburban junior high school students' initial introduction to hip-hop. There could have been worse ways to discover the music. (Vanilla Ice, anyone?)

Appears On

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