Alice Cooper

Only Women Bleed

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The success of 1975's Welcome to My Nightmare, Alice Cooper's first solo effort, was surprisingly credited not to the record's hard rock anthems or bizarre conceptual epics, but to a crossover ballad entitled "Only Women Bleed." The song still had its share of controversy; Atlantic Records initially shortened the title to "Only Women" and the single was protested by several feminist groups claiming the song as horribly sexist and insulting. Those offended by Cooper's blunt and biting lyrics, however, obviously missed the point of the song. "Only Women Bleed" finds the shock artist writing about a helpless victim of spousal abuse, singing "she spends her life through pleasing up her man/he slaps her once in awhile and she lives and loves the pain." In his soft performance, Cooper obviously has some sympathy for the character and is willing to acknowledge the situation as tragic -- not necessarily because of the situation itself, but because she allows it to continue. Even with the implied sexism, no song previously recorded by Cooper had been so political and thought-provoking, making it no surprise that the single became such a critical and commercial smash. Even today, the themes of the song still seem entirely relevant to modern culture. Perhaps this is why "Only Women Bleed" continues to be not only one of Cooper's best songs, but one of the most definitive singles of 1975.

Appears On

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