Alice Cooper

Go to Hell

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This bombastic album opener to Alice Cooper Goes to Hell found Cooper indulging in a bit of horror rock fun over a throbbing track that mixed hard rock muscle with some intriguing worldbeat elements. The lyrics of "Go to Hell" set up the album's concept by presenting a nightmare scenario where the Alice Cooper finds himself sentenced to eternal damnation for his earthly sins: "For criminal acts and violence on the stage...for all the decent citizens you've enraged/You can go to hell." However, the narrative also shows a twisted sense of humor as it reveals the nature of Cooper's crimes, which include poisoning a blind man and stealing his cane and sending a gift-wrapped leper to his Aunt Jane. The results are witty enough to induce a smirk, setting up the album's story nicely while also functioning as an amusing retort to Cooper's short-sighted critics. The music has the theatrical air one expects from this era of Alice Cooper's work, using ever-descending phrases in both the verses and choruses to create a mock-ominous feel. Cooper's recording achieves an interesting and unusual blend of rock and Latin music stylings by pitting squalling heavy metal guitars and a throbbing 4/4 beat against layers of cavernous salsa-styled percussion and a bouncy bass line that gives the song an almost calypso feel. As a result, "Go to Hell" makes an exciting opener for the Alice Cooper Goes to Hell album. It achieved little success as a single ("I Never Cry" was the track from this album that found that success) but has become a cult favorite with the performer's fans, thanks to its ambitious sound.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Alice Cooper Goes to Hell 1976 Warner Bros. 5:15
Freedom for Frankenstein: Hits & Pieces 1984-1991 1998 Raven 5:30
The Life & Crimes of Alice Cooper 1999 Rhino 5:12
The Studio Albums 2015 Rhino / Warner Bros. 5:16
Monsters of Rock Chrome Dreams / Sonic Boom 5:29