Sweet Emotion

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With its eerie, almost over-long intro, "Sweet Emotion" picks up where "Walk This Way" leaves off; both songs with the funky drum beats and Steven Tyler's essential "rappings" are from Aerosmith's breakthrough album, Toys in the Attic. Widely acknowledged to be a song about how much Tyler hated Joe Perry's ex-wife, there is an air of danger and anger to the song that's not present in Aerosmith's party-time tunes. It rolls along on the strength of Joey Kramer's big beat which could be the hard rock's band most underrated, secret weapon. But it's the repetitive guitar chords and then a gigantic riff that delivers the ultimate whomp. It's almost Southern rock in its boogie quotient, with a certain sloppiness that only a messed-up, vintage Aerosmith could muster. Though often accused of being imitators, this song is just one example of how Aerosmith was capable of singularly unique sounds among metal bands. In 1992, Boston's Mighty Mighty Bosstones cut a punked-up version of the song, presumably a tribute to their hometown brethren.

Appears On

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No Image 1987 CBS / Fox
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No Image 1994 Sony Music Distribution 5:14
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Armageddon [Original Soundtrack] 1998
Original Soundtrack
Columbia / Sony Music Distribution 5:10
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