Little Red Corvette

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Prince notched his first Top Ten entry with one of the most sensual and frankly explicit hits ever to crack the charts. "Little Red Corvette," a slow-burning funk-pop odyssey which is most definitely not about a sports car, is an after-dark masterpiece, aural soft porn rendered with the inextricable combination of perversity and sophistication which defines virtually all of his best work. Everything about the song is suggestive, from its moaning synthesizers to its bump-and-grind rhythm to the orgasmic squeals which punctuate Prince's vocals; even the lyrical metaphors are so persuasive -- in addition to cars, there are horses (Trojans, in fact, some of 'em used) -- that it's virtually impossible to discuss "Little Red Corvette" without lapsing into double entendres of one's own. (Really, how else to describe the incendiary coda which closes the song but as a climax?) Making a brilliant case for innuendo as an end unto itself, "Little Red Corvette"'s triumph is that even while the song -- much like the body of its lusty heroine -- is "just on the verge of being obscene," it never succumbs to blatant tastelessness; even as an evocation of pure sexuality, it appeals to the imagination as much as the libido. Not just Prince's first major hit single, "Little Red Corvette" may be his very best -- only fitting that a song about staying power would have so much of its own.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
1999 1982 Rhino
No Image 1982 Warner Bros.
Hits Collection 1993 Warner Bros.
The Hits 2 1993 Paisley Park 4:56
The Hits/The B-Sides 1993 Paisley Park 4:55
The Very Best of Prince 2001 Rhino / Warner Bros. 5:03
Ultimate 2006 Rhino / Rrw 8:27
No Image 2008
Various Artists
Sony BMG 5:04
Naked in the Summertime 2016 Hobo 1:52
4Ever 2016 Rhino / Warner Bros. 3:08