The Velvet Underground

I'm Sticking With You

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One of the first generally available Velvet Underground bootlegs was an EP released around 1976 that served up four songs cut during the bridges between the band's second and third ("Temptation in Your Heart") and third and fourth albums -- "Foggy Notion," "Ferryboat Bill," and "I'm Sticking With You." All offered very different views on the band, at a time when the plethora of studio outtakes and oddities that we know today had still to see the light of day. However, even in this company, the plaintively swinging "I'm Sticking With You" ("cos I'm made out of glue") came as a major shock to anybody raised on the delights of "Sister Ray" and "Heroin." A straightforward duet between Lou Reed and Maureen Tucker, "I'm Sticking With You" was as sweet and unaffected as any classic pop duo (Captain & Tennille would have killed for this song!), its lilting melody and gauchely realistic sentiments all the more touching for their simplicity. Tucker would subsequently re-record the song with Jonathan Richman; the Velvets' own version, meanwhile, finally made its official debut on 1985's VU compilation.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
The Velvet Underground 1969 Polydor 0:00
V.U. 1985 Polydor / Verve 2:26
Peel Slowly and See 1995 Polydor 2:28
Morvern Callar [Original Soundtrack] 2003
Original Soundtrack
Warp 3:08
The Very Best of the Velvet Underground 2006 Universal / Um3 2:29
Juno [Original Soundtrack] 2008
Original Soundtrack
Rhino 2:29
Playlist Plus 2008 Polydor 2:28
No Image Universal 2:28