If She Knew What She Wants

Composed by Jules Shear

Song Review by

One of the two (well-selected) covers on the Bangles' Different Light album, "If She Knew What She Wants" comes from the pen of Jules Shear, whose band Jules & the Polar Bears were cult favorites, certainly of the Bangles. A mini-folk-rock gem, the song's melody recalls some of Gene Clark's stately work in the early Byrds canon, particularly "She Don't Care About Time." The breezy arrangement and the band's Mamas & Papas-inspired vocal arrangement is the cornerstone here, and, overall, it succeeds brilliantly, making the song one of the finest moments on the album. Although a seemingly perfect single (it was indeed released as such), the song was dwarfed in terms of commercial success by the somewhat disposable novelty cut, "Walk Like an Egyptian."

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
A Different Light 1986 Columbia 3:49
Greatest Hits 1990 Columbia 3:50
Starbox 1993 5:52
September Gurls [1995] 1995 Sony Music Distribution 3:48
All Over the Place/Different Light/Everything 1997 Sony Music Distribution 3:49
Retro Lunchbox: Gooey Love Songs 1998
Various Artists
Intersound 3:48
Eternal Flame 1998 BMG International / KIOSK 3:49
Super Hits 1998 Legacy / Sony Music Distribution 3:49
Simply the Best 1998 Sony Music Distribution / Columbia 3:47
Gold & Platinum: Hits of the '80s, Vol. 3 2000
Various Artists
Realm Records 3:50
Eternal Flame: The Best of the Bangles 2001 Columbia 3:51
No Image 2001
Various Artists
Realm Records 3:50
Different Light/Everything 2002 Sony Music Distribution 3:49
Manic Monday 2002 Sony Music Distribution 3:49
The Essential Bangles 2004 Legacy / Sony Music Distribution 3:51
September Gurls [2002] 2004 Sony Music Distribution 3:49
Excellent 80's 2006
Various Artists
Sony CMG / Sony Music 3:49
Manic Monday: The Best of the Bangles 2007 Music Club Deluxe 3:51
The 80s: Bangles 2014 Sony Music Entertainment 3:50