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I Know a Place

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British record producer and songwriter Tony Hatch wrote "Downtown" with the idea that he might get the Drifters to record it. It was in the style of their hit "Up on the Roof," a song that described a place where the singer and his listener can go to have fun, set to a buoyant tune. "Downtown" did not find its way to the Drifters, but it was taken up by British singer Petula Clark, who had achieved considerable success as a child singer and actress in her home country and then become a major star in France. It became her biggest hit in four years in the U.K. when it was released in the fall of 1964 on Pye Records. The label had a licensing deal with Warner Bros. in the U.S., and while Clark had never had any presence in America before and, just having turned 32, was hardly a likely candidate for youthful success, the British Invasion was still going full-tilt stateside. Warner Bros. put out "Downtown" as a single around Thanksgiving of 1964, and by the third week of January it was the number one record in the country. Hatch and Clark quickly concocted a follow-up, "I Know a Place." Once again, the arrangement began with a solo piano that built into a quasi-wall-of-sound production set to a rollicking beat. Once again, Clark offered advice on a hot spot where fun was to be had. Not only were we going downtown, but now she had a specific place in mind, "a cellarful of noise," borrowing the title of Beatles manager Brian Epstein's recently published autobiography, which in turn referred to the Cavern Club in Liverpool, where he'd first seen the group perform. Released in the U.S. and the U.K. on the heels of "Downtown"'s success in February 1965, "I Know a Place" did almost as well in America, where it just missed the top of the charts, though it only made the Top 20 in Britain. Clearly, being a near-carbon copy of its predecessor didn't hurt much. It has hurt in the long run, however. While "Downtown" is a much-recorded standard, "I Know a Place" has rarely been covered and remains a Petula Clark oldie.

Appears On

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