James Brown

Hot (I Need to Be Loved, Loved, Loved)

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This single from 1975 causes a lot of discussion between music fans. Although Brown's work for the most part is thought-provoking, the backing track for this causes even more dispute. By late 1974, Brown seemed to be taxing himself, releasing an excess of singles and albums. At the same time, disco was on the horizon and his core bandmembers began hitting the exits. Just as Brown's variant of Southern funk was winding down, his profile and stake in the New York funk was raising higher. At the heart of the early disco era, Brown created the sex ode "Hot (I Need to Be Loved, Loved, Loved, Loved)." This song gave Brown the much-needed bridge between his hard-driving style and the refined, minimalist sound he had been working on for the previous three years. That's the good part. The bad and humorous part is that "Hot (I Need to Be Loved, Loved, Loved, Loved)" featured a near-perfect replication of the rhythm and riff of David Bowie's classic 1975 "Fame." To make matters worse, the person who created the riff and co-wrote "Fame," Carlos Alomar, also did a brief stint with the Godfather. According to legend, Brown had listened to the song, brazenly played it for the session players, and they cut the track. That's a no-no. In an effort, perhaps, to take people off the trail, Brown kept his mouth moving all through the telltale familiar riffs. While "Fame" became a number one on the pop and R&B charts, "Hot (I Need to Be Loved, Loved, Loved, Loved)" became yet another marker of his mid- to late-'70s decline.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Hot 1976
No Image 1977 Polydor 0:00
Star Time 1991 Polydor 5:03
No Image 1991 Polygram 0:00
Dead on the Heavy Funk 1975-1983 1998 Polydor 5:57
Blaxploitation: The Payback, Vol. 3 1998
Various Artists
Global 5:03
Fine Old Foxy Self 2006 UMVD 5:55
Fine Old Foxy Self: James Brown 1970s 2006 Universal Distribution 5:55