Carly Simon

Haven't Got Time for the Pain

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Originally from Carly Simon's fourth lp, Hotcakes, it's her second hit with songwriter Jacob Brackman who co-authored over a dozen songs with/for Simon, his work appearing on all of her seventies albums. Though Brackman was involved with the singer's first Top 10 hit, "That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be",

"Haven't Got Time For The Pain" actually sounds like a sequel to her fourth Top 40 song from fourteen months earlier, "The Right Thing To Do". Produced by Richard Perry, as "Right Thing To Do" was, the singer's vocals are way out front with the piano, drums and strings surrounding her, the backing vocals and at-the-time husband James Taylor's acoustic guitars played down in the mix. Elektra single EKS-45887 was three minutes and fifty seconds of adult contemporary pop, a thick sound while Richard Perry was at the peak of his powers. Carly's perfectly in tune vocals come right in with the piano, the drums punctuating her control of the situation that is life. The summer of 1974 had Helen Reddy similarly evoking "You And Me Against The World" from her family / also at-the-time husband bio album Love Song For Jeffrey, Carole King giving us her tribute to Tom Scott as the "Jazzman", even Dionne Warwicke returning after a four year absence with her Spinners hit "Then Came You". Female voices were riding the adult contemporary wave with Carly Simon, Reddy and Cher pretty much having their way with radio that year. "Haven't Got Time For The Pain" was one of the classiest as well as one of the simplest. The singer wraps her voice around the title (or variations of it..."haven't got room for...haven't the need for...") twenty times or more, you lose track when she plays it against the backing vocals at the end of the close to four minutes. Those voices get quickly replaced as strings fade the song out triumphantly, almost in answer to the "on your high horse" orchestration of "You're So Vain", Richard Perry very cleverly accentuating Simon's emotions with his use of classical instruments to sophisticate her pop/rock. Was covered by Vikki Carr.

Appears On

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