The Byrds

Everybody's Been Burned

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One of the most haunting songs in The Byrds’ catalogue, and one of David Crosby’s finest compositions, “Everybody’s Been Burned” contains a melody, lyric and arrangement in perfect synthesis. Lyrically, it’s typical Crosby – unspecific, vague yet beautiful – “Everybody knows and me/I know that door that shuts just before/You get to the dream you see”. The music is similarly gentle, with a gorgeous, Eastern sounding guitar part from McGuinn and some great bass playing from Chris Hillman. However, it’s David Crosby that’s the star of the show – his vocal is tender, searching and immaculate. Arguably the highlight of Younger Than Yesterday.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Younger Than Yesterday 1967 Legacy / Sony Music Distribution 3:09
Original Singles, Vol. 1 (1965-1967) 1980 Columbia 3:02
Full Flyte (1965-1970) 1998 Raven 3:08
Ultimate Byrds 1998 Legacy / Columbia 3:06
Voyage [Box Set] 2006 Rhino 2:59
The Complete Columbia Albums Collection 2011 Columbia / Legacy / Sony Music / Sony Music Entertainment 3:09