Hoodoo Gurus

Come Anytime

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The first single from the Hoodoo Gurus' fourth album (for their fourth American label, a state of affairs that must have been disheartening for the group) was a tremendous bounce back from 1987's largely inert and over-produced Blow Your Cool! "Come Anytime," with its charging acoustic rhythm guitar and falsetto harmonies on the chorus, sounds eerily close to their 1984 debut single, "I Want You Back," and is certainly the most energetic and catchiest single the group had released since that one. (It's perhaps not a coincidence that Magnum Cum Louder was the first Hoodoo Gurus album since their debut to be produced by Alan Thorne.) Add in Brad Shepherd's twangy, surf-influenced lead guitar hook, Dave Faulkner's perfect Hammond organ fills, and Mark Kingsmill's brash drumming, and "Come Anytime" sounds like a great lost power pop single from the genre's golden age. It's unsurprising that it was the group's biggest American hit.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Magnum Cum Louder 1989 RCA 0:00
Electric Soup: The Singles Collection 1992 Mushroom Records 3:18
Ampology 2000 Ace / Acadia 3:19