Betty Wright

Clean up Woman

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One of 1972's sassiest R&B hits, Betty Wright's "Clean Up Woman" is a sweet slice of Florida pop-funk written by Clarence Reid (who at the time was making his own scatological party funk records under the name Blowfly) and Willie Clarke, sung by Wright in an oddly chipper voice for a woman who has just lost the attentions of her man to the woman who "gets all the love we girls leave behind." Actually, Wright sings the sly lyrics with just a touch of admiration for her subject, as if she's considering becoming a clean-up woman herself. It's kind of like the Southern funk answer to the Kinks' "Dandy." Musically, the song is beholden to the mid-'60s Muscle Shoals sound, based on a tight, syncopated up-and-down rhythm guitar part and a rubbery bass line, but with a looseness and laziness that suggests that perhaps Reid had been listening to some of the early reggae singles that were just starting to percolate northward to Miami from Jamaica.

Appears On

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Various Artists
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