Brick House

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Although the Commodores soon became known as a vehicle for Lionel Richie's unctuous ballads, they were a hot '70s funk group to begin with, and their funk never got any hotter than this 1977 breakthrough hit. Ronald LaPread's no-nonsense bass line drives the song underneath Milan Williams' funky clavinet and Thomas McClary's clipped rhythm guitar, and Walter Orange's nasal lead vocals make it one of the most distinctive singles of its time. The lascivious chorus (Orange practically smacks his lips while he's singing "She's mighty mighty/Just letting it all hang out") is notorious, making "Brick House" the "Baby Got Back" of its day.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Commodores 1977 Motown 3:27
The Commodores Anthology 1983 Motown 6:14
The Very Best of the Commodores 1995 Polygram / Motown 3:35
The Ultimate Collection 1997 Motown 3:26
Brick House 2004 Motown / PolyGram / PSM / Universal 3:28
Now That's What I Call Motown! 2009
Various Artists
Motown 3:28