The Beatles

And I Love Her

Composed by John Lennon / Paul McCartney

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"And I Love Her" was one of the Beatles' most outstanding ballad love songs, and a highlight of the soundtrack to their movie A Hard Day's Night. Sung and almost wholly written by Paul McCartney, it is the composition that most aptly illustrates McCartney's knack for what critics often term a high "haunt count": an almost unsurpassed ability, in other words, to craft lovely haunting melodies. Indeed, the melody was almost Mediterranean in feel, a quality emphasized by the primarily acoustic arrangement, samba-like rhythms, and bongos and claves (used in place of traditional rock drums). The arrangement was itself an indication, if only in retrospect, that the Beatles were beginning to look beyond conventional structure and production when devising their studio tracks. In "And I Love Her," their structural daring was further reflected in the change to a higher key when the guitar solo began; when the main guitar riff brought the song to a close, the predominantly minor-key tune ended with an authoritative major chord heard nowhere else in the tune (a device also used by other British Invasion groups of the time). Although not released as a single in their native Britain, "And I Love Her" was pulled off the A Hard Day's Night soundtrack in the wake of the "A Hard Day's Night" single for release as a 45 in the United States, and deservedly did quite well, just missing the Top Ten. As a romantic ballad, it also attracted more mainstream cover versions than many of Lennon-McCartney's early songs did, including one by soul-pop singer Esther Phillips, who made the middle of the Top 100 (and almost made the R&B Top Ten) with her gender-switched "And I Love Him." Also worthy of a listen is an obscure but fine mid-'60s reggae version by a very young Wailers, then unknown outside of Jamaica.

Appears On

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