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Onetime career writer and would-be indie rockstar emerges slowly after twenty years underground.

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I’m far from a metalhead and I came to Sabbath late, but at the age of 45 I’ve realised this album is a classic, probably one of the 5-10 most influential rock albums ever made—it will never die. I’m not saying it’s perfect; as other reviewers have noted, it’s patchy, and after the third track it never rises to the same heights again. Also, I agree with the … Read More

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I'm pretty much obsessed with this song lately, despite that it only has two chords and he seems to be making it up as he goes. At about 1:45 I swear he improvises the central lead-guitar riff, and like a kid with a new discovery he can't help showing it off for the next minute. Then comes a surely freeform and seriously strange solo with a mistake in the fi… Read More

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