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Onetime career writer and would-be indie rockstar emerges slowly after twenty years underground.

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If you’re after a start-to-finish cohesive listening experience — something that works as an album — Rust Never Sleeps probably isn’t it. It’s a strange melange of under-produced solo voice-and-acoustic-guitar tracks, rowdy recorded-live-with-Crazy-Horse tracks and a lone slickly-produced MOR country track (“Sail Away”) that never quite gels as a unified vis… Read More

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Wow, I haven’t been so moved by something so mainstream in quite some time, and this guy — northern-English working-class heir to Springsteen with chiming guitars, meat-and-potato rhythms and occasional soaring sax solo for backing — is soulful in a way I don’t think I’ve heard before. It’s the way he just throws words at the music, I think: sometimes they r… Read More

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